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"I Wish is a thrilling adventure involving magic, evil spirits, and jinns. It is used in a truly original manner. I would gladly read it again!"


Elliot, 15

"I Wish was an intense story with an amazing plot and great ideas. I truly enjoyed the high tech school and following the characters as they balanced fighting evil jinns and keeping up at school with their projects."


Becca, 15

"I wish I had discovered this book earlier. E.B. Tatby's awesomely inventive tale is an example of what young adult fiction should be: fun, accessible, imaginative, and well paced.
Red City Review

"The book, I Wish, was phenomenally written. The characters are captivating and alive, with a touch of magic. It really had me flying through the pages to a world I never could have imagined."


Kayla, 14

"I Wish is a story full of paranormal adventure and mystery that will grab you from the beginning and not let you go until 3am when you find the story over and you wishing for the next book in the series."



"Well written,complex tale of danger, teenage revenge, time travel amd Morroccan lore. Great book club selection."



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