All her life, sixteen-year-old Kenza Atlas has heard the stories, but she never believed them. She never expected the allure of power or, worse, how far the dark shadows could cast. 

But when a Moroccan jinn with undulating tattoos and mysterious black eyes whisks her 500 years back in time, she witnesses the death of her powerful ancestor and the gorgeous slave she loved. They sacrificed themselves to escape the Caliph, a tyrant named Mazin. 

And now he’s after Kenza. 

He’s tracked her to her present time. Now she spends her days stealing paranoid glances over her shoulder, obsessing over a slave who died hundreds of years ago, and praying her family will survive.
With her deepest, darkest fears all bottled up and floating in the Pacific Ocean, Kenza learns to start taking responsibility for the things that go wrong in her life. But when her mom ends up in the hospital again, her suspicions about Mazin's return begin to mount. If he is back, the stakes will be higher than ever with an unborn sibling on the way, and no way to protect the child. 

But she's not alone this time. With the help of a growing army of supernatural aid, will she defeat Mazin once and for all or just expose more of the people she loves to the chaos that is her life?